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Minimum 3% cash back
Paid up to 7 days after your stay
No questions asked

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Get 3% discount out of your hotel reservation with booking.com in the form of a cash back for free.

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You just have to open Booking.com with this referral link and complete your reservation without changing the url or leaving the site.

After the reservation is confirmed send us an e-mail with your reservation id, the total cost of the reservation and your e-mail account at PayPal where you want to receive the money.

We'll refund you 3% of the total cost of your reservation no more than 7 days after leaving the hotel.

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You can also use the booking search below and make a reservation with it.


How does it work
We are an affiliate partner with Booking.com which means that every time someone visits Booking.com through our site and makes a reservation, we'll get a small commission which we'll share with you.
Booking pays these commissions to their partners 60-90 days after the stay but we'll send you your part only 7 days after you leave your hotel!
Is it more expensive than a regular reservation
No, the reservation cost stays the same. Doesn't matter whether you use our link or not. But if you do - it's a win-win for both of us.
I am already a Genius Booking.com member, will I lose my 10% discount
No, this is an extra bonus. You can open Booking.com from our site AND login with your Genius account. This will give you the Genius discount + our 3% cash back.
What's the guarantee I'll be paid
It's in our own interest. We rely on the mouth-to-mouth marketing and we'll do everything in our power to keep you satisfied so that you can recommend us to your friends. Users' satisfaction is our top priority and we understand that just a few negative feedbacks can ruin someone's reputation. We can't risk that.
If your reservation is made with our affilitate link or button and you have a PayPal account, you will be paid.
Can I mess up during the reservation
What some people might do is follow one of our links or buttons to Booking.com then leave the browser and later return to Booking.com directly and not through our site.
This will result in no generated discount and there is no way fixing it at this point.
Just use any of the links or buttons here that lead to Booking.com before making the reservation and don't change the URL until the booking is confirmed. This should do the trick.
I don't have a PayPal account, can you send me the money elsewhere
Not for now. We are just starting out and this is the most convenient and cheap transaction for the moment. Maybe we'll think about other methods in the future but for now PayPal gives us the opportunity to refund you as much as possible from your reservation without losing money on pointless transcations. And PayPal is free, you can always create an account.
What if I don't want to give you my e-mail
Well we need it so that we can make the PayPal transfer. We don't store your e-mail anywhere and we'll never send you any spam. After you receive the cash back, you'll never hear from us again. Until you come back for more.
Why do you need the reservation cost if I give you the booking number
Sometimes we can't see the exact amount of the reservation with just the booking number and only a close estimate. And in order to send you the promised 3% cash back we need to know exactly what you spent. This will be of huge help to us and it will speed things up.